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John Cronin & Ken Laury

About CFR

Auditing professionals find a great work home through the staffing services of CFR - Capital Finance Recruiters, Inc. in New Jersey. We match the right candidates to the right jobs.

A History of Success

Since 1987, CFR has been at the forefront of the staffing services and placements business for audit professionals in the New York and New Jersey market. We have weathered the ups and downs of the market and have stayed current with the changing landscape of the employment business. Although we are proud to have withstood the test of time, we look forward to the next position we fill and the next job candidate we represent.

Reputation for Quality

Our reputation as a valued provider of talent has established us as a leader in an industry that’s known for exacting standards. Most of our business is referral-based, comprised of either companies looking to us to find talent for them or candidates referring their colleagues to us.

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A Voice for Achievement

Our clients choose us because we have a voice in the industry. Firms don't hire resumes—they hire people. Hiring firms know they can discuss a candidate with us, and vice versa. Candidates know we are listening to them. We work hard to match the right candidate to the right job at the right company.

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